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MWI Animal Health Publication

Marketing  |  Branding

Building out an elaborate publication is no easy feat. That’s why MWI Animal Health trusted us to generate a booklet comprised of esteemed articles, inspired infographics, educational charts and unique advertisements.

The timeline given for this project was condensed, requiring Innovent to strategically layout the pages in the most efficient manner, without compromising on creativity. This deliverable served as a vehicle for valuable content as well as a statement piece for MWI’s vivid, new branding.

Quick View:

AmerisourceBergen MWI Animal Health Spreads
AmerisourceBergen MWI Animal Health Spreads and Charts
AmerisourceBergen MWI Animal Health Spreads
Caitlan Ropson  |  Director, Engagement  |  Innovent

We created this publication following a massive rebrand. Our designers brought the new brand to life in all of the best ways, setting the bar high for creative initiatives moving forward.

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