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AVIA Consumerism
AVIA runs the nation’s leading network for health systems seeking to innovate and transform through digital strategy. AVIA’s two-day workshop was designed to immerse physicians and healthcare executives in the future of how consumers experience healthcare through everyday technologies. They needed a unique way to take their attendees through the patient’s journey and demonstrate how they could potentially utilize AVIA’s unique capabilities. Over the course of two months, we partnered with AVIA to conceptualize and illustrate this journey using unique environments and real-life personas.
Quick view:
  • With a focus on DIY Care, Consumer Genomics, Remote Monitoring and Health Records, we created life-size visuals to showcase different types of patients
  • Through creative storytelling, attendees were able to visualize the future of healthcare and directly see how they could leverage AVIA’s capabilities
  • In creating four powerful life-size infographics, we answered key questions about how consumers will experience healthcare in the very near future

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